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At Kutner Corrado & Friedrich, LLP, our complement of attorneys and staff is prepared to assist you with nearly any professional liability need. Insurance companies and their insureds, as well as individuals needing administrative/license assistance, trust our firm to provide experienced, aggressive defense.

Experience Is Critical In Medical Malpractice And Professional Liability Defense

Trial experience is key in extremely complex cases such as medical malpractice and professional liability defense. There is no room for error, and there can be no surprises in the courtroom. With over 100 combined years of experience, our attorneys pride themselves on their trial skills. We take an attentive, comprehensive approach in defense of professional liability claims, including legal malpractice and medical malpractice. Additionally, we defend hospitals, physician assistants, nurses, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners. We also provide defense in dental malpractice claims.

Our seasoned, trial-tested lawyers also offer a full range of personal services in health care management and represent medical practices in billing arbitration disputes over coding and billing practices with HMOs and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Our insurance law defense group offers coverage opinions and prosecutes and defends declaratory judgment actions on behalf of liability insurance carriers and companies issuing surety bonds.

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Why You Need A New York Law Firm

New York City is the only city in New York state that is made up of five counties: Kings (Brooklyn), Bronx (the Bronx), Richmond (Staten Island), Queens (Queens) and New York (Manhattan). Three of those counties render some of the highest verdicts in the country (Kings, Queens and Bronx), so it is imperative to have an experienced attorney on your side. Firm founder Charles E. Kutner has extensive experience in these counties and has a jury appeal in each of them. We know NYC and the surrounding counties well and have a reputation in this legal community for our professionalism, skill and results.

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