Protecting Your Livelihood And Future

Helping You Grow And Maintain Your Business

Running a professional practice requires knowledge in many areas, few of which you were taught while pursuing your degree. Even a minor misstep can wreak havoc on your business and may even get you in trouble. An experienced attorney who understands the business of running a professional practice can guide you through the difficult areas.

Although medical and dental malpractice and administrative hearings constitute the bulk of our practice, we assist our clients in a variety of other ways as well. We consider Kutner Corrado & Friedrich, LLP, to be a full-service firm, here to help you take care of the business side of your health care or legal practice.

Examples Of How We Assist Our Clients

With decades of experience and numerous awards, we have helped medical and legal practices with everything from personnel issues to selling the business. The following are just a few examples of services we provide:

  • Assisting with the sale or purchase of a practice
  • Drafting and reviewing commercial leases
  • Forming a professional entity, such as a PLLC, LLP or LLC
  • Creating employment agreements for your practice
  • Reviewing insurance agreements
  • Arbitrating third-party claims and renewal of privileges
  • Creating Medicare-compliant licensing agreements
  • Reviewing offers under safe harbor laws and the Physician Self-Referral Law (Stark law)

Our mission is to protect and support our clients and their practices. No matter what stage your business is at, we can help.

Legal Malpractice Representation

We have a long history of assisting other lawyers with legal malpractice cases and attorney license defense. If a former client files an administrative complaint against you, it will likely end up before a discipline and grievance committee. These committees are appointed by the Appellate Division of State of New York Supreme Court to oversee the actions of New York lawyers. We pride ourselves on our record of success with obtaining dismissals in early stages of legal malpractice litigation.

We Succeed When You Thrive

If you are looking for an experienced team to answer your business questions, we are here to help. To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 917-730-7020 or send us a message online. We serve clients throughout all of New York City and its surrounding counties.