Protecting Your Livelihood And Future

Presenting A Strong Medical Malpractice Defense

As a doctor, dentist or other medical professional, when you face charges of negligence and medical malpractice, everything is on the line. You need the strongest defense possible to protect your reputation, your license and your livelihood. Turn to the attorneys who have the skill to back up their reputation for success.

At Kutner Corrado & Friedrich, LLP, our attorneys have over 65 combined years of legal experience, which includes handling over 150 jury trials. Our team takes a comprehensive approach to each client’s case, giving them the personal attention they deserve. We serve every borough of New York City as well as Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

We Understand The Details

Malpractice cases are complex and full of nuance. Claims can differ greatly from one specialty practice to another. In litigation, details matter. Therefore, you want an attorney handling your case who has experience dealing with your particular field of medicine. With so many decades of experience behind us, we have handled cases in every specialty we know of. This includes many aspects of dental malpractice cases. We don’t just know medical malpractice laws; we know medical malpractice laws as they apply to you and your practice.

As a result of your malpractice dispute, you may have to face the licensing board. License revocation is a very rare thing, but it can happen. It’s crucial to have a skilled and seasoned attorney representing you during your administrative investigation and hearing.

When The Charges Involve Medicaid

When the Medicaid Attorney General’s Office is involved in your case, they are likely investigating you for billing fraud. Charges of malpractice can leave medical professionals open to financial ruin, tempting them into unethical financial practices. Allegations of billing fraud by the federal government are quite serious. We understand how to defend such matters.

Discuss Your Medical Malpractice Case With Us

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